"Do the best you can until you know better,

when you know better  - then you can do better"

Maya Angelou

Child in Mind Academy

Child in Mind Academy is a specialist education service, initially developed to provide quality training to all front line staff working with children and adolescents struggling with social, emotional and mental health difficulties. Our trainers have worked across the UK, and internationally, delivering training to countless professionals and organisations. As therapists we recognised many years ago that in order for therapeutic change to be sustained for children, we had to work in a systemic way. Children do not, on the whole, have the autonomy to make the changes in their lives that are needed to help them feel safe, connect with others in a positive way, learn, thrive, and make a positive contribution. Our various trainings have been carefully planned to enable  parents/carers and all professionals, to develop the knowledge, skills and essential 'way of being' to help them understand how to provide the key ingredients needed to facilitate the safe, healthy relationships and environments that are necessary for children to thrive.

Our Philosophy 

Our philosophy for training is based in our belief that parents/carers and professionals accessing training are usually doing the best they can, given the resources, both internal and external, available to them. We aim to build strong authentic relationships that are based on respect, inclusion and equal valuing. Through these relationships we believe every individual's potential to learn, to grow, and to keep on striving, can be nurtured and achieved.