CPD & Workshops

Continuing Professional Development is a requirement of registration for many professions. Through engagement in CPD activities we evidence our ability and commitment to broaden our knowledge base and enhance the skills required to keep our practice current and up to date.

At Child in Mind we regularly evaluate and update our trainings to ensure they remain current, inspiring, and above all meet the needs of participants. The trainings listed below run from our dedicated training venue in Eccles, Manchester and are open for bookings.

If you are interested in running any of our trainings in-house for your organisation, or you would like us to design a bespoke training to meet the specific needs of your staff do get in touch with Jayne to discuss your requirements.

Therapeutic Play Skills for the Helping Professions

4th - 5th May 2020

Therapeutic Play Skills are essential if we are to truly understand the emotional world of the children we are working with. This 2-day training will equip professionals with the skills necessary to build positive therapeutic relationships with children. You will learn how to facilitate the child's emotional expression, and perhaps more importantly to communicate your understanding of this expression enabling the process of healing to begin.

 £180 per person

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Attachment & Developmental Trauma

30th - 31st March 2020

Attachment is the deep and enduring emotional connection established between a child and his caregiver during the first few years of life. If all goes well that relationship is positive and sets the template for the development of future healthy relationships. However, sadly more and more children are not experiencing caregiving that is loving and responsive to their needs in those crucial early years. This training will provide professionals with a working knowledge of attachment theory, together with a solid understanding of the impact of developmental trauma on children's social and emotional development.

£180 per person

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Understanding Sensory Processing Difficulties

6th - 7th April 2020

An understanding of sensory processing difficulties is essential for all professionals working with children and young people. This 2-day training will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to recognise potential sensory processing difficulties, and to recognise the associated behaviour as an indicator of arousal system dysregulation. More importantly you will learn how to support the children and young people you work with to engage and succeed in life.

£180 per person

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Foundations for Attachment - Therapeutic Parenting Course

Day 1:   9th January 2020

Day 2:   16th January 2020

Day 3:   23rd January 2020

Day 4:   30th January 2020

Day 5:   6th February 2020

Child in Mind is pleased to be offering this quality therapeutic parenting programme. Foundations for Attachment was written by Dr Kim Golding, and is a DDP informed programme based on the model designed by Dan Hughes. Both have been instrumental in our training to deliver this course.

This programme is free at the point of access to adoptive parents and special guardians. Funding is accessed through the Adoption Support Fund, applied for by your Local Authority.

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